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ART Sourcing

Peterson Picture Co. provides options that will fit any art, framing, and budgetary requirement. We boast an extensive library of original art and exclusive reproductions, as well as a robust knowledge of current art trends, aesthetics, and popular design motifs. Art packages developed by Peterson Picture Co. are tailored to fit a professional art buyer’s unique sense of style or established institutional goals.

Peterson Picture Co. collaborates with numerous designers and architects to research, refine, locate, and acquire distinctive visual art for domestic and international projects. Our consultants work with clients to create installations that truly capture a particular vision.

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Limited edition and giclÉe production

Peterson Picture Co. uses giclée and limited-edition printing capabilities for our artist-representation and art-sourcing endeavors. These works are provided on any scale, with customized printing options offered at competitive commercial price points.

Our giclée prints were developed as innovative wall-décor options for professional art buyers looking for high quality reproductions. With inspired traditional, contemporary, and abstract artwork, our unique giclée prints fulfill a wide spectrum of architectural variations and design themes.